Shot Screen NateChrony Ballistic Chronograph air rifle gun

NateChrony Shot Screen

This is the main screen of the NateChrony, and will be the screen you use the most. It has all of the shot data, statistics, and saved shot strings.

Here are the page features, from top to bottom:

Go to the Setup page to configure your NateChrony.

Latest Shot:
The speed and power of the most recent shot. This will remain on the screen for the “Shot Wait Adjust” time defined in the setup screen.

Pellet Weight:
The currently defined pellet weight as set in the setup screen. This weight will be used to calculate the shot power for the next shot.

Shot Count:
The number of shots in the current string.

Select either metric or imperial values. If metric is selected it will show in meters/sec and Joules. If imperial is selected it will show in feet/sec and foot pounds.

Lets you know if you can take the next shot. When WAIT is displayed the NateChrony will not register a shot if it is taken. You must wait until SHOOT is displayed before taking your next shot.

Displays the statistics for the current string of shots. Min & Max of the speed and power. NOTE: This is only for the current string, it will not take into account any saved strings.

Clear Shots:
This will clear the current string of shots. It will not have any effect on the saved strings.

Current String:
This is the current shot string. It has the shot number, speed and power.

Each of the save buttons will save the current string, into one of the 4 available slots below. It will save both the speed and power values.

Saved Strings:
There are 4 slots S1-S4 that can hold a string of shots. The 4 speed values are on the left, the power is on the right. Clear1-4:
Each of the clear buttons will clear the slot - both speed and power, of its current values.

IP Address:
When you connect to an existing Wi-Fi network, the IP address of the NateChrony is diplayed here. This allows you to connect to an existing Wi-Fi network, and find the IP address it connected to by using the ChronyX network.

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