Setup Screen NateChrony Ballistic Chronograph air rifle gun

NateChrony Setup Screen

This is the setup/configuration screen when you can set your pellet weight, and make changes to the way the NateChrony behaves. It is possible to shoot from this screen, however it does not have all the features such as the statistics and save slots.

Go to the Shoot page of your NateChrony.

Result Section:
Here’s the current shot speed and power, pellet weight, and shot string. You can shoot in the setup screen, it’s not pretty - but if you’re changing values its convenient to stay in one screen.

Pellet Weight:
Set your pellet weight, in grains. When you change this value it will only apply to future shots.

Shot Wait Adjust:
This is the the time you need to wait between shots. It is also the amount of time the current shot is displayed on the screen.

Speed Adjust:
If you need to change the NateChrony reading to match another chrony, you can alter it here. The factory default value is 500, each increment is 1fps.

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