Can I use NateChrony on a powder burner?
No. NateChrony has been designed to work on air rifles. NateChrony has not been designed or tested to the higher pressures of some powder burning rifles, catastropic failure or injury could occur. Also, it is critical that only clean air leaves the barrel - over time any residue from any burning may foul/block the sensors and cause it not to register shots.

Is the NateChrony Accurate?
Yes, it has been tested against much more expensive units - using radar and light sensors, and provided results within 1-2 feet per second. It is capable of measuring a difference of a few feet per second at 1,000fps.

Is the NateChrony Water or Weatherproof?
No, The NateChrony is a sensitive electronic device, so keep it away from water or extreme sun and temperatures. It has been designed & coated to minimise damage and make it as durable as possible when used correctly.

Can I Modify the NateChrony?
NO! There’s a lot of reasons the NateChrony looks the way it does, any modification may make it unsafe. Under no circumstances should any modifications be performed.

How many people can connect to one NateChrony at once?
We’ve successfully tested 4 people connecting to the Chrony WiFi & accessing the pages. Due to performance & hardware, we wouldnt recommend more than 3.
When connecting the NateChrony to an existing WiFi network, we’ve successfully tested 7 clients connecting to the pages and getting updates. For performance we would recommend a maximum of 5 people connecting.

Why no App?
We aim to make an affordable chrony, so to keep the costs down we keep the complexity down - this includes software! Quality software needs development, testing, validation, and maintenance, not to mention compliance with global data protection standards such as GDPR (lawyer costs anyone?). There are also security concerns with having apps installed on your phone. We dont want your data, we dont want to give you security issues, so we dont force an app onto you - or collect any of your data.

Why no Screen?
There are a few good resons for this. Firstly cost - its an additional component that will add cost, especially if its a quality screen. You walk around with a quality colour screen with a hardened glass surface in your pocket - lets just use that. Second - safety, putting a screen at the end of your barrel could lead to not having your muzzle downrange at all times if you want to read it.

Why no Battery?
Again there are multiple reasons for this. Cost - lets keep it down, a battery would require charging and management circuits. Shipping/transport - there are limitations and potential restrictions with shipping lithium batteries. Lifespan - lithium batteries typically last 300-500 charges before degrading - we want the NateChrony to last a lifetime & not be limited by an internal battery. If lithium batteries are left without being charged, they can die permanently. Finally just like a screen - you carry a battery around in your pocket, lets just use that.

How do I get the Data on My Computer?
You can get all the data off the NateChrony shoot screen easily. When using the NateChrony you can save the web page and email it to yourself. Also, when you get home you can power the NateChrony up and connect your computer to the NateChrony WiFi. You can then open a web browser to, then copy and paste the data into a spreadsheet, easy!

Will the NateChrony Work With Large Calibers?
The standard/original NateChrony is roughly 12mm wide at the sensors, we wouldnt recommend going beyond 7.62mm / 30 caliber.

What is the Warranty?
The NateChrony comes with a 1 year warranty, however has been designed to last a lot longer. If your NateChrony ever fails, reach out and let us know & we’ll work to make it right.

Australian Made & Owned?
Proudly! All of the manufacturing, all the assembly, programming etc are performed here in Australia. There are imported components (as Australia does not make many electronic components), and for these we select local Australian small businesses as our suppliers where possible.

Will The Screws Rust?
NO! NateChrony is designed to last - ALL fixings are stainless. We pay a little extra for quality components to ensure that we wont be introducing rust to your prized posessions! Only A2 or 304 stainless grade screws and bolts are used.

Is it 3D Printed?
Yes! While we have spent almost a year in development before we released the first NateChrony, we continue to refine and improve the NateChrony as much as possible, and 3d printing allows this. We value our customers feedback and will always continue to improve our product.

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