Safety using NateChrony Ballistic Chronograph for air rifle gun

Safety First

Safety is critical for you & those around you.

When using firearms and firearm accessories, injury may occur to you or others if all safety precautions are not taken.

If you are at a range, all range safety measures must be fully implemented.

When using NateChrony, the following is the minimal guidance that must be followed at all times by yourself and those around you:

  1. The NateChrony must ONLY be used on Air Rifles/Guns. Any powder burning rifle could cause excessive heat and pressure causing a failure.
  2. Wear appropriate safety gear: glasses, full length clothing, enclosed footwear
  3. Only install NateChrony when you are performing testing
  4. Before installation, inspect NateChrony for any damage or wear, if there is any - it must not be used
  5. Before installation, ensure the NateChrony is free from any obstructions or blockages
  6. Ensure NateChrony is correctly installed and fastened in place
  7. ONLY use genuine NateChrony mounts and accessories. The NateChrony has very tight tolerances, any other parts may cause it to malfunction, or could cause a failure or injury
  8. Ensure that all parts are screwed together, never use the NateChrony unless it has been screwed onto the barrel adapter
  9. The NateChrony should be mounted to the tip of the barrel where the pellet exits. There must not be any devices between where the pellet exists the barrel and where it enters the NateChrony, i.e. no extensions, air strippers or silencers/moderators can be between the barrel and NateChrony
  10. Between shots, ensure the NateChrony is still fastened correctly and has not moved or shifted
  11. Ensure the distance to the target is not too far, so that any change of impact would land within the safety backstop
  12. When installed the NateChrony must only contat the barrel, and no other part of the firearm
  13. Always use the carabiner and a secondary fastening mechanism
  14. Ensure there is adequate safe space between you and other people, a minimum of 5m should be used
  15. Ensure the NateChrony does not come into contact with any chemicals or solvents, if it does - it must not be used
  16. The NateChrony must not be left in the sun or hot areas, if it is - it must not be used
  17. When using power banks or other batteries, follow all safety precautions from the manufacturer
  18. Do not use any projectiles that are larger than the maximum size for the model
  19. Only use NateChrony on well maintained firearms that have no existing issues
  20. Ensure the firearm is firing accurately before installing and using the NateChrony

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