WiFi Screen NateChrony Ballistic Chronograph air rifle gun

NateChrony WiFi Setup

This is the WiFi setup/configuration screen where you can set the NateChrony WiFi password when it is in access point mode, or configure an access point to connect to.

WiFi Screen
You must configure all values when configuring the WiFi, if you dont enter a value it will set the value to NULL/blank.

WiFi Password: The password when the NateChrony is in Access Point mode (the ChronyX network you connect to). It must be a minimum of 8 characters as per all WiFi networks.

SSID: The SSID to connect to when in Station Mode (connect to an existing Wi-Fi network).

Password: The password for the SSID when in Station Mode.

The NateChrony operates in two different modes simultaneously:

Station Mode: The NateChrony will connect to an existing WiFi network. This can be an existing home WiFi network, or a WiFi hotspot on your mobile phone. This allows your device being used as the screen to keep its internet access while using the NateChrony.
If a WiFi network is configured, the NateChrony will always attempt to connect to it.

The IP address of the NateChrony will need to be retrieved from the existing WiFi network device, or use the ChronyX network and view the IP at the bottom.

Access Point Mode: The NateChrony will always create the ChronyX network and be available. Your device being used as the screen will then need to connect to this WiFi network, and it will not have Internet access while connected to the Chrony Network. The password is blank by default.

Wi-Fi Details Reset: This procedure will reset all Wi-Fi details. The ChronyX network will have a blank password, and there will be no existing Wi-Fi network configured.

  1. Power off the NateChrony
  2. Block the front sensor with a finger or AAA battery, keep it blocked!
  3. Keeping the front sensor blocked, power on the NateChrony
  4. Wait 3 seconds
  5. Unblock the front sensor and wait

The unit will then erase the settings and reboot, you can then connect to the ChronyX network and reconfigure the NateChrony.

WiFi Setup

WiFi Password Reset

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