NateChrony Chronograph image
NateChrony Chronograph image
NateChrony Chronograph image
NateChrony Chronograph image
NateChrony Chronograph image

NateChrony Mini Ballistic Chronograph

Colors: Black/Clear

$120.00 AUD

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The NateChrony Mini!

The NateChrony mini is a barrel mounted ballistic chronograph for all Air Rifles. It is accurate, affordable, super easy to use, and best of all - no more missed readings! It has all the accuracy, features and reliability as the original NateChrony, in a smaller and lighter package. The NateChrony mini mounts onto your barrel with one of the adapters for perfect alignment every time.

All NateChrony adapters are 100% compatible with the NateChrony Mini, it also uses a Micro USB interface - so your all your existing NateChrony cables will work without issue.
Using your mobile phone as the screen and battery, means you get the best display on the market and never get surprised by a flat battery in your Chronograph.

The NateChrony is fully featured and will provide all the data even the most demanding tuner requires. It displays a current shot string, and has four additional save slots - all of which retain the data when power is lost. You can configure pellet weight, display hold time, and adjust the NateChrony readings to match another Chronograph.

CAUTION: Maximum Caliber is 25 - 6.5mm


  • Air powered guns only
  • Maximum projectile size: 6.5mm / 25 cal
  • Power Consumption: 150mA approx

Included with the NateChrony Mini:

  • The Chronograph: The thing you pop on the end & shoot through
  • The Software: Either the standard software, or the Airsoft version of software
  • Barrel Adapters: Each NateChrony comes with two 1/2 UNF threaded barrel adapters, to attach it to your rifle
  • Carabiner: Allows you to secure the chrony for added safety or convenience
  • Soft Case: A carrying pouch to put it in

What you also need to make it work:

  • USB Power Cable: Any micro USB cable will work, but we strongly recommend our premium USB magnetic cables for PCPs

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