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NateChrony Variable Barrel Adapters

Colors: Black

Sizes: 13-20mm, 14-25mm, 22-35mm, 32-45mm

$15.00 AUD

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A variable adapter for barrels that are not threaded. The variable adapter is simply pushed onto the end of the barrel & tightened in place with the thumb screws. The bore & outer barrel MUST be concentric! Otherwise damage or injury could occur.

Select the maximum outer diameter of the barrel from the options. The adapters can be adjusted from its maximum diameter down to its minimum.

Thumb screws are high quality stainless steel so will never rust. Price is for 1 adapter, with 1 set of screws.

The variable adapaters require less clearance than our regular slimline adapters, so will work with minimal clearance between the air tank and barrel.

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