Testing for NateChrony Ballistic Chronograph for air rifle gun

Test your NateChrony

This is the quick setup procedure, and how to test and validate your NateChrony is working.

Follow these steps to be able to test and get familiar with your NateChrony without having to mount it or fire a single shot!

  • Read the safety instructions www.natechrony.com

  • Power up your NateChrony with a USB cable and power supply

  • Connect your mobile/tablet/laptop to the Chrony WiFi network: ChronyX (X = a number)

  • Open your browser & access the NateChrony page:, use your camera with this QR Code:

  • QR Code for the Chronograph page

  • Drop the test pellet through the NateChrony

  • It should read approximately 47fps, repeat the drop 2-3 times

Troubleshooting: If it does not register a shot here are some ways you can test and figue it out:

  1. Make sure the NateChrony power light is on - it should be red & visible through the case, close to the the power cable
  2. Make sure you are connected to the Chrony WiFi - check your device & that you can go between the shoot and setup pages by clicking the link
  3. Check there are no obstructions inside the chrony, specifically around the sensor ports
  4. Check the LEDs are powered up, use your phone camera & view the sensors (2 legs) - they should be emitting a faint purple light
  5. Ensure the adapter threads are in good order and the NateChrony is perfectly aligned with the barrel
  6. Ensure you are using the small screw to secure the adapter to the body of the NateChrony - this is critical

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